Secret Amazonian Acai Max Detox Blend
Secret Amazonian Acai Max Detox Blend

Secret Amazonian Acai Max Detox Blend

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We had to fly directly to the Amazon Jungle to find the highest quality Acai for our Secret Amazonian Max Detox Blend. Acai berries are considered SuperFoods and are considered one of the best sources of antioxidant polyphenols. They contain as much as 10x the antioxidants of blueberries.

Acai has been proven to to remove toxins and excess weight by unclogging your digestive tract. This makes Acai an excellent choice if you are looking to lower your body fat percentage and detox the body. Many athletes also consume Acai for its ability to regenerate muscles.

The fruit contains a good amount of amino acids and can be consumed after exercise to help muscles recover. This makes Acai a versatile food, serving as both a pre-workout and post-workout option.

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Customer Reviews

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Tomas Hill
Secret Amazonian Acai Max Detox Blend is an all-around great product.

I've been using it since last year, and I can't remember feeling this good! It's a high quality detox that helps me feel like a new person every time I take it. The energy is wonderful and my hunger cravings are gone for days. Definitely worth paying the price for

Gerard Riley
This helps me stay on top of everything.

I'm a pro athlete and I always have to be on top of my game. I've tried it all, from fitness drinks, to detox weight loss pills, but nothing really helped me lose weight like this Amazonian Acai Max Detox Blend. Like only hours after my first dose, I felt so light and the pounds just melted off of me.

Rodney Santos
Enjoying this.

I am really enjoying the Secret Amazonian Acai Max Detox Blend from Athlete Candy Shop.

Norman Lowe
The best blend ever! Super healthy for athletes.

I have been looking for a detox that is both good for my body (burning fat) and my mind (detoxing) but has been having trouble finding one. Then I found the secret Amazonian Acai Max Detox Blend. It burns body fat efficiently while also getting the benefits of a body and mind detox.

Van Guzman
I've tried many different detox products, but nothing has worked as well as Secret Amazonian Acai...

I can feel the effects of it immediately and my body is thanking me for all the good work it's doing. This product truly works wonders.