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If you have a body you're an athlete, if you have the will to win you're a SuperAthlete.

At SuperAthlete our mission is to provide our customers and clients every biological competitive advantage so they can become the physically and cognitively the most optimized human and leader that they can be.

Chase Jackson

SuperAthlete CEO and Coach

SuperAthlete CEO Chase Jackson has spent the past 15 years of his life and $300,000 of his own cash studying and applying the World’s Best High Performance methods. He has personally helped over 65,000 athletes, and high performers in the general population improve their health, mindset, and performance. Chase believes life is all about growth and loves leading, coaching, and inspiring others to become the best version of themselves.

Dr. Michael Ripley

SuperAthlete Director of Programming

Dr. Rip is the only person in history to have personally trained over 40 Olympic Medalists. Rip is a Alternative Medicine Sports Doctor, Manual Therapy Provider, Performance Coach. Biomechanical Rehabilitation. Locally, Nationally, Internationally to World Championships. He has participated in 7 Olympic Summer Games. . Former Instructor UCSD Medical School Post Doctorate Continuing Education - Manual Therapy for Nerve Entrapment and Neuromusculoskeletal System Disorders. Worked at 2013 Moscow IAAF World Track Championships w National Track Champions from Trinidad, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, and the US. Helped 3 Medalists in London -Track & Field. Helped LSU win 12 NCAA Titles,12 2nd place titles, Multiple 3rd place finishes. Multiple players from.NFL, NBA,& MLB, and Multiple Olympic Sports. Individuals from the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49'ers, Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers, Orlando Magic, San Francisco Giants and Many Other Pro Clubs. Experience from Oakland Athletic Leaque to Multiple Olympic Sports.and Professional Teams throughout the World. US Water Polo.US Olympic Weight Lifting, US Taekwondo. Dr. Ripley has also worked with individuals from Professional Soccer and Dance Companies, - United States Army Parachute Team "Golden Knights". Assisted Team Physician Assistant in Preparation and Medivacing Critical Care Patients to Major Hospital Trauma Units. Prepared Ancillary Physical Training Programs to help 13 World Team Champions - Skydiving 87-99 (USA, Soviet, French. TAG-HEUER.

Dr. Michael Gerson

SuperAthlete Director of Mental Training

Dr. Michael Gerson was one of the first mental performance coaches ever hired by the United States Army. Mike has worked with a diverse range of soldier-athlete-clinical populations in the field of performance, sport, military, health, and clinical psychology. Currently, Dr. Gerson is a Core Faculty member at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California where he teaches sport/performance psychology and mindfulness courses. In addition, Dr. Gerson is the Director of Mental Skills at Mission 6 Zero, a tribe of performance experts that merge Special Operations Forces veterans with Behavioral Science Practitioners/Researchers. This elite-performance company takes proven U.S. Special Forces strategies and blends them with human performance sciences to teach mental and emotional skill-building tactics. Mike also is the former director of Mental training for the Seattle Mariners.

SuperAthlete's elite coaches have a combined century of experience from the pinnacle of sports, now offers high achievers a concise, three-step health optimization strategy, designed for peak performance.

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SuperAthlete boosts over 55,000+ achievers to peak performance and shares success by donating 8% of revenue to youth athletes in underserved regions globally-Africa, Latin America, North American inner cities, and the Caribbean. Achieve your best while making a difference.