SuperAthlete Jacked
SuperAthlete Jacked
SuperAthlete Jacked
SuperAthlete Jacked
SuperAthlete Jacked

SuperAthlete Jacked

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A science-based testosterone booster proven to jack up your Testosterone.


Get the vitality and energy you need to perform at your best! You'll feel more confident, have more endurance and strength, have more muscle mass and become a fat-burning machine.


Each ingredient in SuperAthlete Jacked is scientifically selected for its research-backed effect on stimulating the body’s natural production of testosterone, then formulated for maximum bioavailability in the body.

Tongkat Ali

Sports science research has shown that Tongkat Ali supplementation significantly increased testosterone levels by 15% and free testosterone levels by 34% among subjects taking Tongkat Ali for two weeks, compared to placebo.

Muara Puima

Based on the clinical reports documenting the libido and energy-enhancing effects of Muara Puima, this herb induces these positive changes by favorably altering the hormone balance in men, i.e. increases free testosterone and/or suppresses excess estrogen.


Ashwagandha increases exercise performance, strength, and fat loss while boosting testosterone levels. What's more, one small study in 57 men found that taking 600 mg of ashwagandha extract increased testosterone levels by nearly 15% after 8 weeks compared to a placebo.


Directions, Tips & Servings:

Jacked can be taken daily with the other supplements in your Daily SuperAthlete Supplement Protocol. 

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