SuperAthlete Anxiety Formula
SuperAthlete Anxiety Formula

SuperAthlete Anxiety Formula

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Introducing our newest, most supremely powerful formula for high performers that are feeling physically and mentally fatigued, anxious or stressed. No more dealing with feeling as if you are not in control.

This Athlete Anxiety Formula from Superathlete is perfect for you thanks to a blend that helps athletes, high performers and fitness enthusiasts get relief from physical fatigue and mental fatigue while reducing anxiety.


Training/Performing/Competing at high intensity puts our body into a Fight or Flight response. Because of this we want to spend time putting our body into the Relaxation response when not training. Because the fight-or-flight response and the Relaxation Response are in opposition, one counteracts the effects of the other. This is why we developed Athlete Anxiety Formula which will offset the harmful effects of the fight-or-flight response to the brain and body

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Customer Reviews

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Ralph Mills
Great recommendation. Really helped me.

I've been an athlete all my life and always have to push myself to the point of exhaustion. I would awaken in the middle of the night after playing a game and feel like I was in a fog for days, or sometimes even weeks. This is probably because my adrenal glands were overworked and I needed some help.

Brett Lamb
You will not regret trying out this product!

As a coach and performance psychologist for athletes, I cannot tell you how much relief the Athlete Anxiety Formula provides. It's easy to take and helps with both physical and mental fatigue.

Jan Williamson
I can't wait for my next workout!

I'm a new believer in the power of Athlete Anxiety Formula. I used to be such a competitive athlete, but as I got older, my energy and spirit started slipping. Athlete Anxiety Formula has given me back that competitive spark again!

Theodore Spencer
All of you high performers out there should definitely try it out for yourselves.

Athlete Anxiety Formula is a game changer! For the first time in my life, I feel like my anxiety is manageable on a day to day basis. Turns out I just needed to find the right formula and everything feels so much better.

Saul Mccormick
This product is a game changer!

I am an athlete myself and I know firsthand the challenges of fatigue. This product is a game changer! It has helped me maintain my focus, give me that extra kick, and keep going when I think I can't. The proprietary blend has also helped with my mental fatigue which means I don't need to take any drugs to stay sharp.