Wisdom From A Master: Vern Gambetta Shares Performance Secrets


In this conversation, Vern Gambetta discusses the importance of a background in track and how it forms the foundation for athletic development. He emphasizes the role of energy management in performance and the need to find ways to turn off in order to fully turn on. Sleep and recovery are highlighted as crucial factors in maintaining energy levels. Gambetta also explores the significance of rituals and routines in performance and the importance of rhythm and tempo in training. He concludes by discussing the power of progression in training and the need to focus on individualized progress. In this conversation, Vern Gambetta shares his insights on various topics related to coaching and training. He emphasizes the importance of balancing workload and recovery to avoid burnout and injury. He also discusses the benefits of medicine ball training and the need for athletes to focus on force reduction through catching. Gambetta highlights the changes in the coaching and training industry, including the prevalence of misinformation and pseudoscience. He emphasizes the importance of multilateral development in youth sports and the need for athletes to play multiple sports and engage in free play. Gambetta also discusses the impact of international players in basketball and the erosion of fundamentals in the sport. He encourages individuals to focus on their winning point of difference and be present and authentic in their pursuits. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of competition and handling pressure in high-performance situations.


  • A background in track provides a solid foundation for athletic development.
  • Energy management is crucial for optimal performance.
  • Quality sleep and recovery are essential for maintaining energy levels.
  • Rituals and routines play a significant role in performance.
  • Rhythm and tempo are important factors in training.
  • Progression is key in training and should be individualized. Balancing workload and recovery is crucial to avoid burnout and injury.
  • Medicine ball training offers numerous benefits, including force reduction through catching.
  • The coaching and training industry has seen changes, including the prevalence of misinformation and pseudoscience.
  • Multilateral development and free play are important for youth athletes.
  • Fundamentals in sports like basketball have eroded, leading to a focus on specialization rather than overall skill development.
  • Individuals should focus on their winning point of difference and be present and authentic in their pursuits.
  • Competition and handling pressure are important for high-performance success.


00:00 The Importance of a Background in Track
03:00 Energy Management and Performance
09:00 Managing Energy and Self-Talk
15:00 Sleep and Recovery
19:00 Performing Under Challenging Circumstances
23:00 The Role of Rituals and Routines in Performance
30:00 Rhythm and Tempo in Training
37:00 Using Tempo in Weight Training
42:00 The Power of Progression
42:54 Balancing Workload and Recovery
44:17 The Benefits of Medicine Ball Training
46:33 Changes in the Coaching and Training Industry
49:05 Talent Development with Youth
51:26 The Importance of Multilateral Development
55:26 The Role of Basketball in Athletic Development
56:38 The Impact of International Players in the NBA
57:52 Balancing Formal Games and Fundamentals
01:01:26 Handling Pressure in High-Performance Situations
01:06:14 The Search for Marginal Gains
01:08:46 The Importance of Being Present and Listening
01:14:43 Dealing with Adversity and Challenges


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