How To Live Like A Shredded And Wise Legend With Ted Ryce

In this conversation, Ted shares his experience with stem cell treatment and his journey into health and fitness. He discusses the impact of a personal tragedy on his life and how he built resilience. Ted emphasizes the link between physiology and psychology, highlighting the importance of physical health in improving mood and resilience. He also explains his approach to weight loss, focusing on calorie balance, high protein intake, and tracking. Ted emphasizes the psychological component of weight loss and the need for long-term weight maintenance strategies. In this conversation, Ted Rice discusses various topics related to health, fitness, and personal development. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the journey of health and fitness, rather than focusing solely on specific goals. Ted also explains the benefits of interval training for improving VO2 max and the positive impact of physical activity on cognitive functioning. He shares strategies for dealing with stress and improving sleep, including the use of wearables to track sleep and heart rate variability. Ted highlights the importance of getting out of the comfort zone and shares his personal experience with skill development in jiu-jitsu. He also mentions his biggest mentor, the best book he has read, and the biggest habit that has added the most to his life. The conversation concludes with information on how to connect with Ted Rice.


Physical health plays a crucial role in improving mood and resilience.

Building resilience involves stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself.

Weight loss is not just about the physical aspect but also has a significant psychological component.

Long-term weight maintenance requires personalized strategies and a focus on overall health. Understanding the journey of health and fitness is crucial for long-term success.

Interval training is an effective method for improving VO2 max.

Physical activity has numerous benefits for cognitive functioning.

Managing stress and improving sleep are essential for overall well-being.

Getting out of the comfort zone is key to personal growth and skill development.

Finding a mentor and reading impactful books can greatly contribute to personal development.

Prioritizing sleep and going to bed early can have a significant positive impact on health and performance.


00:00 - Introduction and Stem Cell Treatment

03:02 - Ted’s Journey into Health and Fitness

08:38 - Impact of Tragedy on Ted’s Life

14:36 - Building Resilience

25:58 - Weight Loss and its Psychological Impact

28:00 - Importance of Blood Work and Testing

32:32 - Approach to Weight Loss and Tracking

35:19 - Psychological Component of Weight Loss

35:22 - Understanding the Journey of Health and Fitness

36:18 - Improving VO2 Max with Interval Training

38:59 - The Benefits of Physical Activity on Cognitive Functioning

39:13 - Strategies for Dealing with Stress and Improving Sleep

43:23 - Using Wearables to Track Sleep and Heart Rate Variability

46:04 - Changing the Perception of Stress

51:17 - Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

55:25 - The Duration of the Coaching Program

57:34 - Accelerating Skill Development in Jiu-Jitsu

01:04:20 - Biggest Mentor or Teacher

01:04:31 - Best Book or Research Paper

01:04:51 - Biggest Habit that has Added the Most to Life

01:05:06 - Best Place to Connect with Ted Rice


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