Phil Kornachuk: A Soldier's Transition from Special Ops to Specialized Training


Phil Kornachuk, a leadership and performance expert, shares his journey from the military to coaching and the importance of physical and mental training. He emphasizes the value of discipline, accountability, and pushing oneself to do hard things.

Phil also discusses the benefits of coaching for high-performing individuals and the role of stress in personal growth and development. In this conversation, Phil Kornichuk shares insights on staying calm under pressure, developing a personal foundation, and using tools to navigate stressful situations. He emphasizes the importance of training harder than expected and having a clear purpose and values to guide decision-making.

Phil also discusses the benefits of nature and tough terrain in personal growth and leadership development. He highlights the need to focus on the process, be conscious of the people and environment around you, and instill these values in children. Overall, the conversation explores strategies for performing at your best in challenging circumstances.


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