Optimize Your Performance: 8 Essential Food Rules for Athletes | Chase Jackson's Guide to Peak Health and Success!


In this episode, Chase Jackson discusses the eight food rules for improving athletic performance and overall health. He emphasizes the importance of eliminating sugar, flour, and seed oils from the diet, as well as increasing protein intake and consuming more saturated fats. He also recommends minimizing carbohydrate intake and incorporating omega-3s into the diet. Additionally, he highlights the benefits of a meat and nuts breakfast and the use of rhodiola rosea as an adaptogen. The episode concludes with a motivational message about maximizing potential and avoiding unbearable losses.


00:00 - Introduction and Overview

01:15 - Eight Food Rules

07:04 - Protein Intake

10:20 - Saturated Fats

11:16 - Carbohydrate Intake

13:16 - Omega 3s

15:30 - Meat and Nuts Breakfast

17:26 - Rhodiola Rosea

21:29 - Motivational Message


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