Know the Difference between Trying and Training w/ Vitargo CEO Bernie Wooster

Bernie Wooster, CEO and owner of Vitargo, shares her background in athletics and the influence of nutrition on her life. She emphasizes the importance of physical and mental health for entrepreneurs and the impact it can have on their performance.

Bernie also discusses his involvement with Vitargo and how she took over the company after the previous CEO faced financial troubles. She highlights the importance of running a business responsibly and having a solid plan in place.

Bernie Wooster shares her journey of acquiring Vitargo and the challenges she faced in bankruptcy. She explains the importance of understanding operations and how it relates to running a company. Bernie highlights the unique benefits of Vitargo as a performance carbohydrate, including its fast fueling and muscle glycogen recovery properties.

She discusses the differences between carbohydrates in sports nutrition and the role of carbohydrates in high-intensity performance. Bernie also shares her thoughts on ketosis and the importance of post-workout nutrition timing. She emphasizes the significance of protein intake for muscle support and discusses how he convinced high-performing athletes to try Vitargo. Lastly, she explains the role of Vitargo in weight cutting for combat sports.

In this conversation, Bernie Wooster, the CEO of Vitargo, discusses the importance of quality sports nutrition and the need for testing and safety in the industry. She emphasizes the need for education and awareness in sports nutrition and highlights the misconceptions that exist.

Bernie also shares her excitement about future trends in sports nutrition and the expansion of Vitargo's product line. She discusses the importance of maintaining muscle mass and a competitive spirit as you age. Bernie emphasizes the power of discipline, setting goals, and recording workouts. She also shares her biggest mentors and favorite books and philosophers.

00:00 Introduction and Background

01:21 Early Athletic Involvement

08:44 Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

12:52 The Importance of Nutrition for Entrepreneurs

15:08 Involvement with Vitargo

21:40 Lessons Learned from Previous Business Experience

22:03 Bankruptcy and Acquiring Vitargo

24:30 Understanding Operations and Running a Company

25:56 Benefits of Vitargo as a Performance Carbohydrate

27:51 Muscle Glycogen Recovery with Vitargo

29:15 Differentiating Carbohydrates in Sports Nutrition

30:16 Ketosis and Carbohydrate Fueling

31:05 Post-Workout Nutrition and Timing

32:06 Benefits of Carbohydrates for High-Intensity Performance

34:20 Protein Intake and Muscle Support

38:39 Convincing Athletes to Try Vitargo

41:01 Influencing High-Performing Athletes

43:40 Vitargo in Weight Cutting for Combat Sports

45:13 The Importance of Quality Sports Nutrition

46:04 Testing and Safety in Sports Nutrition

47:28 The Need for Education and Awareness in Sports Nutrition

48:16 Misconceptions in the Supplement Industry

49:45 Future Trends in Sports Nutrition

50:42 Expanding Product Line and Addressing Fasted Training

51:40 Maintaining Competitive Spirit and Muscle Mass as You Age

53:02 The Importance of Discipline and Response to Setbacks

56:29 The Power of Setting Goals and Recording Workouts

01:00:14 Biggest Mentors in Bernie's Life

01:01:35 Favorite Books and Philosophers

01:02:30 Habits that Have Had the Most Impact on Bernie's Life

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