Why is Athlete Durability Candy So Effective? Because it Contains Collagen.


Whether you are an athlete or an avid gym-goer, collagen is one of the best and most effective recovery proteins that play a vital role in helping to repair and build tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage that are overstretched during workouts or training. Being one of the most critical components for our body's structural support, it consists of 90% of our connective tissue – tendons, ligaments, joints, and fascia. 

Let's dig deeper and learn a little more about the benefits of collagen for athletes and why you should consider using it.


One of the most essential benefits of collagen for athletes is that it pertains to joint health. Collagen peptides can reduce pain and inflammation due to the degeneration of cartilage as well as joint damage.  Sports science studies link the collagen peptides to how healthy your ligaments and tendons are. Being that collagen comes from the tendons and ligaments of animals, it can be used for the synthesis of our body's tendons and ligaments once the peptides are digested and absorbed.

Sports science states that 10-15g of collagen for athletes along with some vitamin C (around 50mg or the amount found in an orange) during workouts can double the collagen production in the joints.


Collagen is a vital component of our muscles. Muscle mass tends to decrease as we age due to a decrease in collagen as well as testosterone. Research has proven that collagen supplements can reverse this aging issue in people diagnosed with sarcopenia, which is an age-related cause for muscle loss.

The study was based on older men with muscle loss, but the process discovered that the benefit applies to everyone, irrespective of age. The research discovered that men who combined exercise with post-workout collagen supplementation built more muscle mass than those who exercised and received a placebo. Collagen plays quite an active role when it comes to building lean muscle mass. 

Another reason why collagen helps with muscle is that it has amino acids like glycine and arginine, which are important blocks for creatine. There are many studies that prove how creatine can help build strength, muscle mass, and improve overall athletic performance.

If you want to focus on building and preserving muscle mass during an athletic season where some athletes discover they are losing muscle mass, it may be wise to implement collagen for athletes.


As all connective tissue and muscle need collagen, hydrolyzed collagen can defend our body against injuries. As collagen levels decrease, ligaments and tendons start to become stiffer, putting an athlete at risk for sports injuries. This is why people who are over 30 years of age are more inclined towards knee injuries, shoulder issues, and even herniated discs.

While there are many factors behind the injuries, collagen levels play a big part in the prevention process. Hence, one study found that increasing collagen levels in connective tissue is essential for athletes to prevent injuries. Other studies suggest that collagen helps your body heal from injuries, preventing scar tissue from building up.


Collagen for athletes is an ideal post-workout protein powder supplement as it has a high amino acid content that supports our body's protein needs both pre- and post-workout. Besides that, collagen protein powder contains 18 amino acids and eight of the nine essential amino acids that our body cannot produce and must be consumed through dietary sources.


Muscle contraction during a workout depends on creatine, which is a molecule made of three amino acids – arginine, methionine, and glycine. Collagen has 20% glycine and 8% arginine, and it helps support the synthesis of creatine in our body. It also can improve athletic performance during short bursts of muscle contraction. 

According to a study, 1g of arginine and ornithine for five weeks can improve strength by stimulating growth hormone release.

We have collagen products that can help you improve your athletic performance, support muscle growth and build connective tissues and joints.

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