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I’m about to share with you the #1 move you can make today that maximizes the probability of you performing at your best this game day. 

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We’re not talking about doing workouts to get stronger or faster.

We’re not talking about getting your diet right, because you have a game in 4 hours. 

What can you do today to transform yourself from average athlete to powerful playmaker, so when you’re competing 4 hours from now, you’re performing at your best and you’re doing what it takes to make sure that your team wins?

And that is to maximize your testosterone. I’m about to tell you why.

There’s a number of different things you can do to increase your testosterone naturally. 

Like get a great night of sleep or meditate and visualize in front of a red light .

You can stay away from sugar and carbs which literally lower your testosterone. Not all carbs but processed carbs.

You can eat red meat or Brazil nuts. You can find ways to win throughout the day. Winning literally boosts your testosterone. And if you win at something it increases the likelihood that you’re going to win something else. 

So you have to find a way to be winning. Winning in your mind all day everyday.

Now the reason this is so important and why boosting your testosterone is so helpful in terms of you unlocking your potential on game days and going from average athlete to playmaker is, it increase you aggressiveness. And by increasing your aggressiveness, sports science undeniably shows that increasing aggression increases the likelihood that you’re going to get into a flow state where there is less thinking and more acting. It increases the likelihood that you’re going to be acting and not reacting, action is faster than reaction. And it increases the likelihood that you’re going to be playing to win, rather than playing not to lose. And sports science is undeniable with that as well, that if you’re playing to win rather than playing not to lose you’re going to perform better and it's going to increase the likelihood of your team’s chances of winning. 


Now another simple powerful strategy you can take to boost your testosterone today is go to and get Athlete Jacked!, an all natural, super simple way to boost your testosterone. You take it 2 hours before the game on game day. It’s going to boost your testosterone, it’s going to increase your aggression, it’s going to increase your flow state, and it’s going to increase your reaction time and your ability to act rather than react. And with that it’s going to increase your chances of winning. 

Hope you found this blog post helpful, if you did please share it.

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