Avoid the Rabbit Hole

How to Stay Cool Under Pressure, Performance Secrets from Olympic Medalists and Pro Athletes Unlocked. 

Why do you want to stay Cool Under Pressure?

Because those moments where you are under Pressure is what life is all about, baby.

Avoid the Rabbit Hole. 

What is the Rabbit Hole? The rabbit hole is when you’re worried and your mind starts to race.

That unwanted guest Panic is nuzzling up to you and wants to snuggle.  Your brain starts asking, “What if X happens? What if Y happens? What if? What if? What if?”

How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole?

By Leveraging your Prior Experience.  Leveraging your prior experience (or the experiences of others) is what allows you to wrap your brain around a very frightening scenario and see it as just another version of a problem you’ve solved before. And that allows you to keep moving forward when you’re scared.

And if you don’t have Experience doing what you are Doing?

Then Flow with it, Celebrate the Fact that you are Experiencing something New and Put in the Rep with Ferocious Intensity.  You are going to learn from it next time.

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Have a Pre-Performance Routine!

When you deal with stress all the time, it becomes 2nd nature. It's still not easy or effortless but you can handle things without panicking because you have experience in accepting the rigors of complex challenges. 

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