If you look at the best athletes, CEO’s and high performers across many industries they all share a common secret. They all have a team of people working for them to help them look, feel, and perform at their best.

The reason they do this is because it maximizes the probability that they will get the results that they want.

Quick question for you: Are you taking time everyday to exercise and eat right but still feel that something isn’t all the way right when it comes to your Health?

You are most definitely not alone!!!

Many high performers invest in their health but they don’t see the results. They still experience low energy, brain fog, weight gain, body pain or some other nagging system brought on by chronic stress.

So why are they not seeing the results that they want? The common issue is people looking to common diets, magical supplements, and IG fitness trends to improve their health. While this approach may be convenient it does not take into consideration your DNA, your Environment, your Hormone Levels. Its kind of like they are putting in the practice to improve their health but they are not engaging in deliberate practice, more on this in a second.

But I completely understand why people are choosing this more convenient route. I mean let’s be real here, navigating performance optimization and longevity can be overwhelming and discouraging.

The bottom line is this…

Training and other Health practices that are not intentionally programmed to make you better won’t make you better.

Anders Ericsson (R.I.P) was a pioneering researcher on peak performance. His book Peak is a powerful cumulative piece of his work, highly recommend you check it out if you are into improving yourself and your team.

Ericsson also was the person who defined the term “deliberate practice” along with the 10,000 hours principle.

His work has confirmed that practice/training a particular ability does not lead to significant improvement or mastery. What makes peak performers stand out is that they commit to a certain kind of practice.

When high performers show up to capitalize on their talent, the session is precisely designed to improve their skill. They train with the clear intention of getting incrementally better. Each practice matters because it’s another stepping stone to their vision of mastery and peak performance in their craft.

Every Rep matters when these Reps. are done the right way. This is why the best across all industries have a team of coaches working to help them look, feel and perform at their best. This is because they recognize that we all have a limited amount of cognitive bandwidth.

Cognitive Bandwidth is a term used by Princeton psychologist Eldar Shafir to describe the limited amount of attention we all have each day. We all have a finite capacity of brain energy so we need to use it wisely.

I believe that to truly rise to peak performance in our craft and with our families we need to direct our brain energy there.

Anything else is extra and this is why having a performance team working for you is so Valuable.

When you have a World-Class coaching team of doctor’s, nutritionists, mental skills coaches, and strategists working for you then all of your energy can be directed towards your specific goals. AND! You will have the energy, mental clarity, and confidence to turn those goals into reality.

You will have the energy to turn your daily practices into a daily set of deliberate practices. You will have the energy to push yourself farther than you have ever gone.

This is why there is such a fundamental difference between practice and deliberate practice. If your definition of practice is to repeat what you have previously done, over and over again without pushing yourself further, it will only make your brain more fixed in using those neural pathways and make it less flexible and able to generate ideas to handle new challenges.

We always need to be looking for ways to push ourselves and the most proven and scientifically based way to do this is to be surrounded by a group of people pushing us. Remember we are social animals and having a powerful group of people whose expertise we trust leads to tremendous growth.


Here is a quote from Ericsson’s book Peak: “The classic conception of human nature is captured in the name we gave ourselves as a species, Homo sapiens. Our distant ancestors included Homo erectus, or ‘upright man,’ because the species could walk upright, and Homo habilis, the ‘handy man,’ so named because the species was at one time thought to be the earliest humans to have made and used stone tools. We call ourselves ‘knowing man’ because we see ourselves as distinguished from our ancestors by our vast amount of knowledge. But perhaps a better way to see ourselves would be as Homo exercens, or ‘practicing man,’ the species that takes control of its life through practice and makes of itself what it will.”

Nothing in your life is more important than your health and when you choose to make the decision to attack your health, performance, and longevity in a deliberate way then things get much, much easier.

Trust me I know from personal experience that things get a lot easier when you attack things with a team.

Nothing in your life is more important than your health. Getting your Health to an Extraordinary level is a key element to genuine fortune. Invest in it (like any excellent investor) and watch the returns Flow in an order of magnitude beyond anything you can fathom. When you choose to make the decision to attack your health, performance, and longevity in a deliberate way then things get much, much easier.

Let's Get Better Today,


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