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Meet Your Performance Team

Virtual training experiences that accelerate learning and drive adoption.


Chase Jackson

Head Coach/CEO

With a Masters in Education and a focus in Human Performance, he is the embodiment of commitment and investment in his craft. Over the past 13+ years, he has poured over $300,000 of personal resources into the study and application of the world's foremost athlete training methods. His profound impact has reached over 49,000 athletes and professionals, elevating their performance to unprecedented heights.


Nikkiann Mitchell

Director, Customer Success

As a former New York City Wrestling Champion and a dedicated Competitive Bodybuilder, Nikkiann's accomplishments speak volumes. With her role as the Director of SuperAthlete Customer Success, she brings an abundance of passion, knowledge, and a relentless drive to foster success in every SuperAthlete she encounters.


Dr. Ripley

Director, High Performance

Dr. Michael Ripley is the architect behind 38 Olympic Track and Field Athletes' triumphant medal journeys and LSU's remarkable streak of 9 consecutive National Championships. With over four decades of unwavering dedication and expertise in the realm of elite performance, Dr. Ripley epitomizes the pinnacle of coaching champions.


Mike gerson

Director, Mental Performance

Coach Mike Gerson is a trailblazing figure who pioneered Mental Performance Coaching in the U.S. Army and formerly served as the esteemed Mental Performance Director of the Seattle Mariners. With unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise, Michael stands as a paragon of professionalism, specializing in the intricate psychology of elite performance and the cultivation of principled leadership.

World Class Coaching for Performance & Longevity

SuperAthlete is a game-changer for high performers seeking who excel in the workplace and want to see amazing results in their physique and stamina. Our platform provides a holistic approach to performance enhancement by tailoring nutrition and workout plans to individual needs, ensuring a steady supply of energy throughout the day.