Speed Secrets Unlocked: Top Coach Reveals the Training Method for Elite Athletes to Achieve Peak Performance w/ Coach Brian McGinty

We are Super Juiced to bring Performance Coach Brian MiGinty on to SuperAthlete Radio. Brian has an Extraordinary System (Pow3r Plus) in place to help athletes get faster and more athletic. The training system is built off the work of Marv and Gary Marinovich. Marv was the first NFL strength and conditioning coach hired by the Oakland Raiders in the 1960s. Most of the tests used to evaluate athletes at the NFL Combine today are based on his research. He is a pioneer in the methodologies used in today's training systems, training athletes in a variety of sports, including mixed martial arts, track and field, NFL football, Major League Baseball, and many others.

In this episode Brian goes in-depth on his training system and we learn why it works so well!

Let's Get Better Today!

Pow3r Plus Website: www.pow3rplus.com

Pow3r Plus Instagram: @pow3rplus

Pow3r Plus TikTok: @pow3rplus



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