Mastering Athletic Performance: Tips from Nick Shedd a Boston Red Sox Performance Coach

In this conversation, Nick Shedd, a human performance coach, discusses strength and conditioning in baseball, success stories in player development, the importance of consistency in training and nutrition, physical development in baseball, load management and injury prevention, assessment and evaluation in training, improving sprinting mechanics, leadership lessons from special operations, the transition into baseball and player development, hypertrophy training and nutrition, alignment and communication in organizations, and improving relative strength in the weight room.

In this conversation, Nick Shedd, a performance coach for the Boston Red Sox, discusses the impact of training load on cortisol and testosterone levels. He emphasizes the importance of sleep in athletic performance and shares insights from his research on sleep. Nick also discusses the effects of blue light exposure on sleep and the use of melatonin as a sleep aid. He provides strategies for optimizing performance with inadequate sleep and highlights the importance of mindset and focus in high performance. Additionally, Nick discusses the benefits of morning workouts for sleep and performance and offers advice on incorporating sprinting into training. He concludes by discussing factors that affect REM sleep and deep sleep.

00:00 Introduction and Strength and Conditioning in Baseball

01:07 Success Stories in Player Development

06:25 Importance of Consistency in Training and Nutrition

09:31 Physical Development in Baseball

13:29 Load Management and Injury Prevention

19:05 Improving Sprinting Mechanics

23:08 Leadership Lessons from Special Operations

25:45 Transition into Baseball and Player Development

28:02 Hypertrophy Training and Nutrition

32:57 Alignment and Communication in Organizations

37:23 Improving Relative Strength in the Weight Room

40:15 The Impact of Training Load on Cortisol and Testosterone Levels

43:04 The Importance of Sleep in Athletic Performance

46:05 The Role of Sleep in Recovery and Performance

50:33 The Effects of Blue Light Exposure on Sleep

53:20 The Use of Melatonin as a Sleep Aid

55:43 Strategies for Optimizing Performance with Inadequate Sleep

59:47 The Importance of Mindset and Focus in High Performance

01:02:56 The Benefits of Morning Workouts for Sleep and Performance

01:06:06 Incorporating Sprinting into Training

01:11:44 The Importance of Sleep for High Performers

01:16:39 Factors Affecting REM Sleep and Deep Sleep

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