Jon Eisenman Talks Youth Basketball Insider Secrets

Excited to welcome Jon Eisenman! Jon is a sports media specialist with extensive experience in the elite high school and middle school basketball scene in the United States. He has worked with organizations such as Hoop Group, John Lucas, and Slam Magazine, covering and promoting top basketball talent.

Jon shares his insights on developing elite athletes in middle school and high school. He highlights the role of digital media in promoting and exposing young athletes. Jon also shares his recommendations for focusing on skill development, creating highlight tapes, and playing on a competitive AAU team for exposure. John also dispels the myth that playing on a shoe team is the only path to success in the NBA, citing examples of players who were drafted in the top 10 without playing for a shoe brand team. He concludes by discussing the life skills and values that sports can instill in young athletes, regardless of their future in basketball.

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